You can’t sell secrets: revealing all gets you plenty of attention

The simple concept that most businesses miss is telling the full story.

The same boring old repetitive phrases like:

“Our product is the best”

“Our service is best”

“Free Quotes”


“Cheapest in town” etc etc etc

Simply don’t work!

If you want someone to buy your product or service you need to give them a real reason, you need to tell them how its going to solve their problem or fulfill their needs.

There’s a story about a beer company in Germany who advertised the fact that they used pure spring water for their beer and they washed and sterilised their bottles three times before they were filled.

Guess what? their sales sky rocketed!

What’s interesting is that most of their competitors also used pure spring water and washed their bottles 3 times!  But their competitors didn’t tell anybody about it!

You see its not always about whether your product or service is better, it’s about engaging with your customer and telling them why your product is better, how it will benefit them and what you do to ensure they get the very best experience.

Another example is your local cafe, instead of saying “we use xyz coffee” they need to tell the story about who’s making it, how they test the grind every day according to the humidity, how they clean the espresso machine every day, how they use only organic milk, how they have table service, how they use takeaway cups that are biodegradable or made from recycled paper etc etc.

The reality is that they can use the best beans in the world, have an expert barista, use only pure filtered water and organic milk but if their customers don’t know about it people become focused on the price and their business ends up lost among the competition.

Buyer’s are hungry for ‘why’ information!  That means informative, interesting, and it must be information that helps them make a decision.

You see, it’s really all about the experience you give your customers and telling the full story should be part of your business development strategy and marketing approach.

Keava Consulting will show you how to identify the real value in your product or service and how to use that to increase pricing, sales and the bottom line.

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