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Our SEO technicians work consistently where needed to keep up with Google

Organic SEO is all about a series of customer experiences

If  your website isn’t contributing to your business growth or goals it’s actually working against you.  You might be getting some referrals or repeat business through other means but what if your website delivered you leads as well? What difference would that make to the sustainability and growth of your business?

Your website is your company’s most important asset, so it pays to ensure it’s optimised with quality content that actually converts visitors into customers.    All your marketing efforts lead back to your website.    It’s essential to have an effective website that meets your business goals.

To achieve and maintain organic google ranking its essential to invest in ongoing SEO.   Organic SEO is all about the customer experience online.   All businesses today, local, national or global are online businesses.

Integrating SEO practices is the smartest thing you can do to build your business and increase sales, in fact its essential if you want to grow and evolve.

Any website that exists online depends heavily on search engines.  SEO enables your site to appear in the right place, at the right time for the right audience – and can make all the difference to that ever-important bottom line.

The market place is driven by people wanting great experiences and that is what Keava focuses on.   Its’s about building brand, reputation and thus long term relationships.

At Keava, we offer clients a 100% FREE SEO AUDIT. This free audit will reveal how your current website is performing and will benchmark your brand online with its leads, position in page results and more – and once we have started working to achieve results for you with SEO you’ll be able to see the results for yourself!

My website unfolded as Keava said it would into more than I could have ever imagined. I found Keava gentle and forthcoming with ideas and creative designs. I had no idea about building a website and was quite fearful and nervous about putting myself out there. The process through which we traveled was very professional and clear. I always knew where I stood with everything including the dates, the pricing, and what I would receive. The building of the website was amazing, not only did Keava have great knowledge and ideas but incredible patience and a desire to make my website reflect exactly who I am and what Im about. It was a dynamic process , opinions always welcomed and considered. Keava knew what to ask for and built it accordingly with easy to follow instructions for me to maintain. The final result was fully explained and timely. I would thoroughly recommend their services

Kristen Ableson, Director of Animal Intuitive
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Complete SEO Services

SEO Strategy

Combine these tools with our energetic implementation and success is inevitable. We’ll put in however many hours it takes to make your business bloom and produce the results that you deserve. We don’t promise overnight quick fixes – but we do promise to create tangible and beneficial results that you can trust.

We’ll transform your business using:

  • Analysis of your Competition’s Website
  • Comprehensive SEO and Background Analysis
  • Content Analysis, Fixing, Creation and Marketing (where applicable)
  • Guest Posts
  • In-depth Keyword Research
  • Indirect Link Building
  • Infographics Creation and Submission
  • Listing in Local Business Directories
  • Meta Tags Optimisation
  • Monthly Ranking, Analytics and Work Reports
  • General Webpage Optimisation
  • Old and Quarterly Backlinks Analysis and Fixing
  • On Page Error and Broken Link Fixing
  • Quarterly SEO Suggestions, Strategy Analysis and Revision (if required)
  • Copywriting and Content Creation
  • Social Media Management
  • Articles and Blogging
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