“It’s Quick & Easy!” The Worst Advice You Can Take About Your Business’s SEO

Most businesses have a basic understanding of SEO, and how it’s works. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t vulnerable to taking bad advice on it. It might benefit your business to learn more about how to approach SEO so that you don’t fall for someone’s terrible advice and suffer the consequences.

Approaching SEO is a lot like approaching a resolution to get healthier. What you put in, you get out. You can take shortcuts, but eventually something will give. You need to consistently work at it over time and you need to consider many different things to make it happen successfully.

It’s easy to judge whether or not the SEO advice you’ve received is good by comparing it to the above analogy.

For example, in an effort to get healthy, you could cancel your McDonalds loyalty card and start eating only nutritious meals every day. Well done, and a pat on the back. But you’ll see much better results if you exercise, get regular checkups and throw a bit of natural supplements into the mix. Similarly, with SEO you need to integrate copywriting, web design and even your social media into your efforts. Concentrating on one at the expense of another won’t give you great results.

Would you eat a single salad and expect to immediately lose weight? Of course not. But you might lose weight if you eat salads consistently over several weeks. You’re also likely to sprout bunny ears and a fluffy tale with that diet.

Similarly, with SEO, you need months of consistent effort to see results. But how do you know what’s broken in order to fix it? Simple. An SEO Audit.

Think of an SEO Audit as your annual GP check-up. You show up at the doctor’s offices, nervous and unsure of what he’s going to find. What toll have those months of unchecked fast food had on your health? Similarly, an SEO Audit simply gives you a full website check-up and tells you what you’re doing right (how is your website performing in searches), what you’re doing wrong (your website desperately needs more fresh copy, maybe time for a blog) and what you need to do to fix it (we can help with that, don’t worry). It’ll even give you an insight into what your competitors are doing.

Have you ever been tempted by a quick fix pill promising boundless energy and great sleep without having to change your lifestyle? These dubious concoctions either don’t work at all or are bad for you (and potentially addictive!). There are no short cuts to becoming healthier, and the same applies to SEO. You won’t find an instant way to increase your website’s ranking in Google. ‘Black Hat’ unethical measures may work at first, but they’ll eventually invoke heavy penalties from search engines that could take your rankings ages to recover from.

To summarise, good health advice and good SEO advice are very similar, and slow, steady, balanced efforts will help you come out on top.

So what can your business do to ‘get healthier’ in 2017 using SEO? Start with a digital checkup, courtesy of a FREE SEO audit. That way you can benchmark your progress in the future and look back on how far you’ve come.

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